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Saturday, November 14, 2009


If I could own a dog, the dog would be.....................................
German Shepherd! They're soooo cool, especially the white one :D

If I could own a cat, idk, maybe just the kampung one but terawat so it can be a nice, clean, cute kampung cat, a black and white furred kampung cat
or maybe a persian cat, white or black and white or grey, idk.

Well, the fact is, I don't have any kind of pet. There's a small fish pond with fishes at my(technically, it's my parents') house, but they're not mine, and I want a pet! wether it's a normal pet or exotic pet (exotic -____-), but sometimes I don't want to have any pets.


The very unimportant post has ended.
UAN sebentar lagi, harus belajar tiap hari mulai dari sekarang dicicil, tapi bagaimana caranya biar efektif, ga bosen, dan pelajarannya masuk terus diinget-inget ampe UAN ya kalo bisa ampe mati juga masih diinget gitu ckck.