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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hiya! I don't know what to do so I decided to write about a movie that's really cool very very cool.

The coolest

That's one of the posters, and it's cool hehe.
Genrenya action, dan emang actionnya keren banget gila. Tentang kaya asisten mentri(bener ga?) di paris terus tiba-tiba dapet kerjaan buat jadi partner agen amerika gitu. Terus ya gitu nonton aja sendiri mhahaha sebetulnya filmnya udah agak lama sih tapi tadi baru nonton lagi hahaha.

My favourite part was when they got out of the bad guy's apartment and took the police car on the parking lot but Reece said that he has to go to his car, but they were in a hurry,

Reece: I swear i'll go quick(or something like that)
Wax: Quicker than this?

Terus si Wax mundurin mobilnya, terus nabrak mobil belakangnya yg nabrak mobil belakangnya yg nabrak mobil si Reece terus ternyata si Wax udah masang bom di mobilnya reece terus mobilnya reece meledak. GILA TUH SI WAX PINTER ABIS gilaaa keren banget hohoho.

the movie is so cool.